Heritage Growers - Innovating While Honoring Traditions

The Southern Humboldt Royal Cannabis Company is dedicated to building a strong network of like-minded family farms that were long ago committed to delivering consistent medicinal products for our members. The growers in the collective, are a group of farmers who bring knowledge of cultivation practices with the multi-generational experience. Founders took pride in growing fine organic cannabis plants of their own strain, using the most precise mixtures of nutrients, soil, and light in the heart of Humboldt County. Our growing network of industry leaders provides a confidential and safe environment for ideas to be exchanged, new technologies to be introduced and evaluated, and for lasting business relationships to be developed. Our cannabis is slowly cured and hand trimmed by experts in the field whose methodology ensures the finest medicinal products for our collective members. All of our employees are trained, highly skilled in their craft of the best cannabis production. They earn a generous living wage which includes a health benefit plan.